MOPH Chap 711  Greater Las Vegas NV


MOPH CHAPTER 711 Minutes

Minutes of April 3, 2021, meeting of Chapter 711, MOPH

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Adjutant Len Yelinek at the Summerlin I-HOP. Len filled in for Commander dick Moyer who was attending a special event for the 2,500th track chair donation in Phoenix.

The following members (9) were present: Clayton Harrold, Mac Rowell, Arnold Schrader, Richard Small, Richard Voll, Johnnie Waid Len Yelinek, and new chapter members Robert Fluke and Ron McKinney. The following officers were absent: Lou Ancar, Sr. Vice Commander; Eddie Kimes, Jr. Vice Commander, Bill Olds, Chaplain.

Robert Fluke and Ron McKinney introduced themselves to the group. They are both Marines. Robert served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He moved to Las Vegas because this is his wife’s home town. Ron is transferring from a Hawaii chapter. WELCOME to Chapter 711 patriots!

Adjutant Yelinek read the minutes of the March 6thh meeting. Approved with no corrections. Yelinek noted that Bill Olds and he are coordinating with JROTC units for presentation of the MOPH Leadership awards at their awards ceremonies. Most units are having virtual award presentations this year. Her recently analyzed our chapter membership and discovered the following:

62.2% of our members served in Vietnam

13.4% of our members served in WWII

8.5% of our members served in Korea

6.5% of our members served in Iraq

6.5% of our members served in Afghanistan

57.1% of our members (120) are 60 to 79 21.9 % of our members (46) are 80 to 99

9.5% of our members (20) are 40 to 59 6.2% of our members (13) are 21 to 39

5.2% of our members (11) are over 100 years of age

Yelinek will be trying to verify addresses of all members over 85 years of age. Perhaps we can visit them, especially on their birthdays.

Finance Officer Small reported that our bank balance is $8,292.95. He asked the patriots to come up with recommendations on how we can use these funds to support veteran needs. Several suggestions were made. Once Commander Moyer is back we can consider recipients. We have $324.00 in our social/party fund.

The following nominations were made:

Commander Richard Moyer (accepted)

Sr. Vice Commander Robert Fluke

Jr. Vice Commander Ron McKinney (he is considering accepting the nomination)

Finance Officer Len Yelinek (accepted) and Richard Small (accepted)

Sergeant at Arms Clayton Harrold (accepted)

Trustee Vernon ‘Mac’ Rowell (accepted)

Nominations can be will made at the April 24th meeting prior to elections.

Ron McKinney said he has paid for a foursome for the Salvation Army’s June 25th Charity Golf Tournament at Alliente. He wishes to have all Purple Heart patriots in his foursome and Mac Rowell, Richard Small and Len Yelinek said they would join him.

Minutes of October 3, 2020, meeting of Chapter 711, MOPH

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Commander Dick Moyer at the Summerlin I-Hop.

The following were present (11): Chuck Baker, Mylo Hagen, Clayton Harrold, Robert Haygood, Eugene Hess, Dick Moyer, Bill Olds, Richard Small, Jim Steinbach, Johnnie Waid, Len Yelinek

Su Phelps, publisher of the Veterans Reporter News, presented Covid 19 masks to the chapter which were donated by the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce of North America. A thank you letter from the chapter was given to Su. Multiple photos were taken which Su advised will be published Oct. 15th.

Commander Moyer discussed the recent parade he and Jim Steinbach were in to acknowledge the 104th birthday of Korean War veteran Vince Shank. Moyer also reported he had attended a recent meeting of MOPH Chapter 730 in Henderson.

Oral Finance report: $3,551.89 current bank balance. Small advised that the Storage room on W. Lake Mead has been vacated. A refund check for $28.98 from the Storage Company was received and deposited into our checking account. No other checks were issued and no deposits received in Sept.

Adjutant: (1) Minutes of September 5, 2020, meeting read and approved with one correction.

(2) Annual Chapter Life Membership report was submitted to National in September.

(3) Senators Rosen and Cortez-Mastro have signed on as co-sponsors of the Purple Heart Commemorative Coin Act.

(4) There is currently a House Act being prepared to waive U. S. Passport fees for Purple Heart recipients.

(5) The Nevada Department Executive Committee will hold its mid-year meeting on October 16th in Tonopah.

(6) The Blue Star Mothers plan on attending our November 7th meeting to present Quilts of Valor to several of our patriots. This will be the 3rd such presentation to our chapter members.

(7) A Veterans Expo will be held at the Galleria at Sunset, Henderson, on Saturday, Nov 7th from 11 am to 4 pm. Richard Keirns of Chapter 711 has reserved a booth which will be manned by VSAs

Old Business: none

New Business: Wreathes Across America will be celebrated Sat., Dec 19th. Yelinek made a motion (2nd by Harrold) to purchase 26 wreathes for $390.00. We have an arrangement with Wreathes Across America whereby for every two wreaths we purchase we’ll get an additional wreath. 39 total wreathes. Passed.

Johnny Waid said he and Sheila would also contribute $390 for an additional 39 wreathes and Eugene Hess also said he’d donate $20.00. The Adjutant will provide the Finance Officer with ordering details so he can place the order.

Steinbach made a motion (2nd by Hagen) to donate $500.00 to the local Blue Star Mothers chapter to help defray their expenses of shipping holiday gift packages to overseas servicemen/servicewomen. Passed.

Good of the Order/Open Discussion: Richard Small stated he attended the funeral of past National MOPH Commander Robert Puskar in Arizona. It was a small gathering. Purkar had Parkinsons (Agent Orange related) and contracted Covid 19.

Johnny Waid said he spoke with the manager of the Summerlin Albertsons store and we will be allowed to conduct a fundraiser inside the store soon. The designated inside area is currently being utilized for employee purposes. The manager will advise Waid when the space is available to us.

Yelinek passed out military-style face masks he received from the Las Vegas Vet Venter. We have some additional masks. They were donated by Live Score Apparel and a thank you letter has been sent to Live Score owner Sean Wagner.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am.

Len Yelinek, Adjutant

Chapter 711

Minutes of September 5, 2020, meeting of Chapter 711, MOPH

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Commander Dick Moyer at the Summerlin I-Hop.

The following were present (8): Dick Moyer, Len Yelinek, Clayton Harold, Bill Olds, Richard Small, Johnnie Waid, Mylo Hagen, and Eugene Hess. Kimes was ill.

Finance Report: $3,540.86 current bank balance. Small recommended cancelling storage unit contract and volunteered to store property in his garage.

Adjutant: Minutes of July 11, 2020, meeting read and approved.

(1) there will be no National MOPH Convention in 2020 re: Covid 19. (2) Elections for new national officers will be held by the National Executive Committee in October. (3) The Shiners Hospitals for Children Golf Open will be held in October but spectators will not be allowed and thus no Patriot Outpost. (4) We haven’t held any fundraisers for over a year. Suggested we re-contact grocery store and Chilis and also contact Big 5 Sporting Good and other stores.

Old Business: Waid personally purchased a pallet of water from Smith’s for the Rescue Mission

New Business: Waid made motion (2nd by Hagen) to relocate chapter property from the storage unit on Lake Mead Ave to Richard Small’s garage, thus saving monthly $55.97 storage fee. Passed.

Waid made motion (2nd by Hagen) to donate $100 to Department of Louisiana to be used for relief of Purple Heart members affected by recent hurricane. Motion tabled by Small.

Good of the Order: Small is cleaning out his closets and donated a shirt, jacket, three MOPH binders, cloth MOPH patch, etc.

Meeting was closed at or about 11:00 am.

Len Yelinek, Adjutant

Chapter 711


Minutes of  Sept  Chapter 711 Meeting 2018

The Commander called the meeting to order at 1000 hours 1 September 2018.  After the roll call of officers and the reading of the last month’s meeting, the following subjects were covered.

The Commander presented the Purple Heart cards that we had printed up and discussed the different places to display them.  We gave some to be place at Vets helping Vets meeting place.

Eddie Kimes is now our SR Vice Commander.  We will have an election at our next meeting to elect a new Jr Vice Commander.

Adjutant needs names of any members that are deceased or that have transferred to another chapter.  Names need to be in to National by 1 October 2018.

There is a Purple Heart Plaza located in Henderson and we can purchase bricks with our names on them.  Money goes to the chapters.

Many thanks to Sergeant at Arms Clayton Harrold for delivery of cases of water to the Veterans Center.

The Commander discussed that not only cities and counties can be designated as Purple Heart but also schools and YMCA's.  Any place that can fly our Purple Heart flag is okay.  

We are in the process of getting Nevada cities and county to install road signs designating them as Purple Heart cities etc.  The Governor is on board and hopefully that will happen in the near future.

Wireless phones for the hearing impaired are available and will be donated to Purple Heart veterans who desire them.  Ed White, the regional manager of the phone company that makes them will be our speaker at the November meeting.

Purple Heart Veterans that want to march in Veterans Day Parade should marshal at 0700 hours.  Boulder City will hold a veterans event on 11 November with several hundred people expected to attend.  Commander will get more information on this.

Next year Purple Heart recipients will be able to enter military installations and can use the facilities.

There will be a car show and barbecue at the VA Medical Center on 10 November 2018.

Bob Serge was recognized for doing a great job with our newsletter.

The 1 September meeting of Chapter 11, MOPH was concluded at 1100 hours.

Minutes of the 4 August 2018 Meeting 

The Jr. Vice Commander (EDDIE KINES) called the meeting to order at 1000 hours 4 August 2018.  After the roll call of officers and the reading of last month’s meeting, the following subjects were covered:

Sixty cases of water were purchased to support the Veterans Center.  Clayton Harrold, our Sergeant at Arms delivered twenty cases to the center on Friday.  The Vet Center will let Clayton know when they need more water.  They can only accommodate twenty cases at a time.  Veterans helping Veterans.  Great Job!!

Once again, members were reminded that 7 August 2018 is Purple Heart Day.  Chapter 711 will present Clark County with a plaque and a Purple Heart flag on that day.  Members were encouraged to attend.  

Also on 8 September, Armed Forces and Veterans Day will be celebrated at Craig Ranch Park , in North Las Vegas.

Dick Moyers suggested that we look in to having a social/fund raiser at Red Rock Casino in the near future.

The August meeting of Chapter 11, MOPH was concluded at 1050 hours.

Minutes of 7 July Chapter 711 Meeting 2018

The Commander called the meeting to order at 1000 hours 7 July 2018.  After the roll call of officers and the reading of the last month’s meeting, the following subjects were covered,

Three new members attended the 7 July meeting and we hope more will attend after our phone tree has alerted members of where and when we meet. 

Our Jr. Vice Commander (Eddie Kines) was saluted for the work he put in to coordinate Chapter 711's participation for the 4 July Parade.  Over 40,000 people attended the parade.

Clayton Harrold, our Sergeant at arms, will coordinate with the VA Vet Center on Washington street to see how best we can assist them.  We stand ready to supply the center with bottled water or anything else that is needed.

Our Commander, Len Yelinek, has ask for members to look at ways for the chapter to get together for socials. 

Members were reminded that Purple Heart Day is 7 August 2018.  Chapter 711 will present Clark County with a plaque and a Purpe Heart flag on that day. 

 All veterans are invited.

On 8 September 2018,  Armed Forces and Veterans Day will be celebrated at Craig Ranch in North Las Vegas.

The July meeting of Chapter 11, MOPH was concluded at 1115 hours

Minutes of 1 June MOPH Meeting 2018

The Commander called the Meeting to order at 1000 Hours 2 June 2018.  After the roll call of officers and the reading of last month’s meeting.   Topics covered:

  The Purple Heart Medal was awarded to Charles Watkins.  He was wounded 50 years ago and it was not entered into his military record.

The 4th of July 2018 parade was discussed and the Jr Vice coordinated transportation to and from the parade area.  It was noted that standard bearers for the parade would come from the JROTC students.  Chapter voted to give them $100 for food on that day.

The Sergeant at Arms will coordinate with VA Vet Center to see how best support their needs.  (IE water etc.)  

On Purple Heart Day, 7 August 2018, the Commander will present a plaque and a Purple Heart Flag to Clark County for declaring that Clark County is a Purple Heart County.

On 15 June 2018 there will be a Military funeral for 35 unclaimed veterans at the Veterans cemetery.  Maximum participation is encouraged.  The Chapter chaplain, Bill Olds is the coordinating officer.

It was voted on and approved that $170 would be spent to order 2500 Purple Heart cards that explain  who we are and what we are about and when and where we meet each month.  These cards are to be placed in areas that are readily available to veterans.  Areas would include VA hospital and clinics.

A phone tree was set up to call members and remind them of when and where we meet each month.

The chapter welcomed 3 new members at our meeting.

The June meeting of Chapter 11, MOPH was concluded at 1130 hours.


The MOPH Chapter 711 was called to order at 1000 hrs. on 5 May 2018.  Topics of discussion were:

North Las Vegas has agreed to fly the Purple Heart Flag in their lobby whenever we present it to them.  The chapter voted at the April meeting to purchase a flag if NLV agreed to fly it.

It was announced that the DMV will have disabled veteran license plates that also have combat wounded on them available around August time frame.

A motion was made to give $200.00 to "THANK A VET"  to send packages to military personnel stationed overseas.  The motion was voted on and passed.  These packages will go to personnel who are stationed in remote locations

A motion was made to spend $180.00 to purchase a Purple Heart flag and a Purple Heart plaque for Clark County. The motion was voted on and passed.   Clark County has proclaimed itself to be a Purple Heart County and we will present the flag and plaque on August 7 2018 which is Purple heart day.

On 2 May, John Waid and Mac Rowell presented the Purple Heart Leadership award to a JROTC student at Rancho High School.

May 10-13, the 80% scale Vietnam Wall will be displayed at Craig Ranch Regional Park.  There will other displays that honor our military and first responders. 

Jim Steinbach issued tickets for the West Coast Regional Finals Rodeo.

The Commander announced the meeting closed at 1115 hrs, at which time the chaplain made his closing prayer and the Sergeant at Arms led us in a closing salute to the flag.