MOPH Chap 711  Greater Las Vegas NV


Opportunity By John Waid

A neglected opportunity will not come back!

If we don’t take the opportunity it is lost!

As members of Chapter 711 of the MOPH we have many opportunities:

· The opportunity to help less fortunate veterans and their families.  Those who need a roof over their head or food on their table; those who need guidance and support when they are in trouble with the law; or being there for those who need a shoulder on which to lean.

· The opportunity to encourage our young people. By supporting the ROTC; by being a positive role model --  a good citizen, a good friend; by being there for them when they need someone to really listen to them and hear what they are saying.

· The opportunity to promote patriotism.  By participating in events such as remembering our deceased veterans on Memorial Day or participating in community parades and special programs on July 4th and Veterans Day; by respecting the flag at public gatherings; by flying the flag so that our friends and neighbors can see our ever present support of and devotion to our country.

· The opportunity to share time with each other in our own chapter in an atmosphere of goodwill and camaraderie; to provide support to each other during difficult times; and celebrate with each other during happy times.

Obviously, this list is far from complete.  We all need to watch for opportunities, remembering that they can come in many forms and at unexpected times. 

It is our challenge, individually and as a Chapter, to accept each opportunity with a positive mind and a willing heart and to use our time, talents, skills, expertise and resources to turn an opportunity into an accomplishment.

Each of us in Chapter 711 has different talents, skills, expertise and resources – by putting them all together we can accomplish many wonderful things!

Let’s not miss an opportunity!

The Lifeline provides mental health professionals and crisis centers in the Lifeline network with innovative best practices and resources in the field of suicide prevention and mental health.

Resources And Publications
Suicide Risk Assessment Standards
Suicide Risk Assessment Standards

Following SAMHSA-funded evaluations that indicated the need for more consistent, uniform suicide risk assessment practices for crisis call centers, the Lifeline assembled its Standards, Training & Practices Subcommittee (STPS) of nationally and internationally recognized experts in suicide prevention and tasked this group with developing policies, standards, guidelines and recommended practices for its network of crisis centers.

The STPS developed evidence-informed Suicide Risk Assessment Standards in 2006. Lifeline adopted these standards as policy, and verified full network membership adherence with these standards in September 2007.

The Suicide Risk Assessment Standards focus on four core principles: Suicidal Desire, Suicidal Capability, Suicidal Intent, and Buffers along with the subcomponents for each.